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11221942_904482159601636_6184422845237440392_nHi. So you’ve found my blog. I guess I should tell you a bit about myself. My name is Emma. A born and bred Dubliner and bookworm, I love my city and reading pretty anything I can get my hands on.  Don’t ask me what my favourite books are, it changes on an almost weekly basis. I look forward to sharing my adventures through the world of books with you.


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Emma! I hope this doesn’t sound like advertising, as it’s not meant to — and I’ll entirely understand if you want to delete this comment. But I’m not sure how to tell people I’m hosing a readalong of Gone with the Wind without, well, telling people. 🙂 I’m hosting a very gentle and casual no-stress group read of Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell May 1 through August 1, 2015. You’d be so welcome to join! I see on Goodreads that you’ve read it already. We’ve got a few new readers as well as a few rereaders in the group. If you’re up for a reread, you’re most welcome. No pressure, of course. I just wanted to offer since I thought a reread with a few others might be fun for you. Cheers. 🙂


  2. Hello, and thank you for a wonderful blog. I had hoped to contact you, but when I click “contact me”, it sends me to my own email. Sort of a strange Twilight Zone effect! I had a question to ask about some research I am conducting about an Irish dramatist. If you do not mind, would you email me at frenchc1955@yahoo.com ?

    Thank you very much,

    Charles French


  3. Hiya,

    Fellow Dublin book worm here. I think you are the only blog I have come across that is also irish so I’m delighted to have encountered you and looking forward to reading your posts.

    One of my fave books is Emma. I studied it for my leaving cert but it doesn’t stop me loving it 🙂

    Nicola xx

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    1. Hi Nicola. There’s a few Irish floating around but we are in the minority most definitely. If you enjoy Jane Austen you should check out the Austen in August challenge myself and a number of others are doing. There’s a link to it in my post on The Beautiful Cassandra. 🙂

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