My Rating System

In order to help you understand my reviews it helps to understand my rating system. It’s a standard out of 5 rating system, and I attach the following meaning to the values.

1 star

Awful, abysmal, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe how terrible it was. Not a single redeemable quality. Avoid like the plague.

2 star

Generally poor but one or two redeemable qualities. Still wouldn’t recommend it.

3 star

Good but not outstanding. You’ll enjoy it but it won’t stay with you for ages after. Would recommend it as a holiday read or similar.

4 star

Really enjoyed and would definitely recommend. Likely only one or two minor issues which prevented me giving it 5/5.

5 star

Outstanding, amazing. I couldn’t put it down and will probably be talking about it for weeks to come. Will almost certainly re-read it in future. Would absolutely recommend to anyone.

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