New Year Reading Resolutions


Happy New Year!! Earlier this week I posted my top ten books of 2015. Now its time for another typical post for the season…the new year resolutions. Of course mine include all the ususal resolutions we all make after the Christmas indulgence. Eat less, exercise more and other various promises to ourselves which we will have broken within a week (and that is probably being optimistic).  However I have also come up with a number of reading resolutions which is it more likely I will actually keep, most of which are based around challenges I intend to participate in.

1. Read at least 80 books:


This should be achievable as it is the number I hit this year. I’d love to be able to read 100 and may try built towards that but for the moment we will work on 80+. It will mean reading at least 1.5 books per week on average, allowing that some weeks will be better then others.

2. Continue my Classic Challenge:

This year I made a commitment to read more classics, aiming for at least 1 a month. I did achieve this and intend to continue it on into the new year. The majority of classics I read were by 19th century writers. I would like to expand into some of the early 20th century works so for next year that will be the aim.

3. Participate in the Women’s Classic Literature Event:


Tying in with my personal classic challenge will be a focus on classics written by women as part of the Women’s Classic Literature event organised by the Classic’s Club. My aim is that at least half the classics I read next year will be by female authors.

4. Continental Challenge:

continental books

One of my bookclubs is hosting a continental challenge, where we all commit to reading one book from or set in each continent by the end of the year. You can find the list of books I intend to read here.

Looks like I’m going to have a busy year. What are your reading resolutions for the new year.


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