Jane Austen Book Tag

Jane Austen Book Tag

I’ve been participating in Austen in August, hosted by Roof Beam Reader, and while flicking through various posts on Jane Austen the thought struck me, “I wonder if there is an Austen book tag“. There’s certainly a book tag for almost everything else. A quick google revealed there is but I wasn’t mad on the questions asked. My brain, which seemed to be having an extremely active day, had a few more thoughts, mainly how do book tags start, at some point someone must just create one. So with that in mind, here is my attempt at a Jane Austen Book Tag.

Normal book tag rules apply:

  1. Thank and tag whoever nominated you.
  2. Tag Austen in August,
  3. Answer the questions below.
  4. Nominate 6 people to participate.

To get the ball rolling I won’t tag anyone, but whoever wishes can participate.

Onto the questions.

Favourite Austen book (I know its tough but which one is your absolute favourite).

It is really hard to choose. I love them all so much. Only Harry Potter comes close in my top favourites to Austen. At the moment its Persuasion. I enjoy Anne’s quite strength….and of course THE LETTER!!!


Least Favourite Austen book:

Again this is tough. Even my least favourite I love far more than most other books. If push came to shove, its probably Northanger Abbey. It use to be Mansfield Park but I’ve recently come to have a new found appreciation for Fanny Price.


If you could be any character in any of Austen’s book’s who would it be:

Hmm. Everyone will probably say Elizabeth Bennet. I like Lizzy but she isn’t the one I want to be even if she does get to marry Darcy. Equally I won’t pick Anne Elliot even though Persuasion is my favourite. I think if I could choose I would Emma Woodhouse (and not just because we share a name though that is rather convenient). Emma is a bit spoilt and makes a lot of mistakes but there is something about her that just appeals to me.


Which character are you really (be honest, not the one you wish you could be, the one you actually are):

In reality I’m probably Elinor Dashwood. The practical, sensible eldest, exasperated by her younger siblings and trying to keep the show on the road.


Since marriage is the main theme of all Austen’s novels, which character would you marry:

I’m going to go with one of the obvious choices (no not Darcy)…Captain Wentworth because..well the Letter!!


Austen is renowned for her wit. Which character do you find the funniest:

Hands down Mr Bennet. There are many characters who you have to laugh at for their absurdities (Mr Collins anyone) but I just love the sardonic wit of Mr Bennet. A few years ago I saw a stage version of Pride and Prejudice which focused on the comedy within the novel and Mr Bennet was just brilliant.


So that’s my Jane Austen Book Tag. Feel free to join in.


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