Weekend Reading Review: 22-06-2015

my weekend reading

Ah Monday’s! Why do you roll around with such frequency?!

I’m writing this at my desk while eating my lunch, because sadly it is Monday once again. The relaxing feeling of having spent a weekend reading is slowly ebbing away, and no doubt by this evening will be gone entirely. I figured I best let you all know how I got on before its nothing but a vague memory.

Well I finished Americanah on Saturday. I’ve already talked about how much I loved this book and you can check out my review here. Lets just say I think its the kind of book nearly everyone will enjoy.


I spent the rest of the weekend tearing through The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith. Its a great easy read, that really keeps you hooked. I’ve only about 100 pages left which hopefully I might get to finish tonight depending on how the rest of the day goes. I’ll certainly have it finished in the next day or so.


How about you? What did you enjoy reading this weekend.

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