Weekend Reading Plans: 19-6-15

my weekend reading

I’m not getting much time to read during the week at the moment, and the next few weekends also look set to be pretty busy, so my plan for this weekend is very much to make the most my reading time.

imageI’m nearly finished Americanah and expect I’ll finish it tomorrow if not tonight. One of my aims for this weekend therefore will be write my review. It’s certainly a book I’d highly recommend to anyone. I’ll definitely be nominating it for both my bookclubs.

Once I finish Americanah I think I’m going to start The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith. I’m going to assume you all know who Robert Galbraith is, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years. My brain is a bit fried at the moment so I want an easy read, and when I read The Cuckoos Calling a couple of weeks ago I really enjoyed it. I reckon The Silkworm is exactly what I need at the moment.



How about you? What are you reading this weekend? Leave a comment below.


One thought on “Weekend Reading Plans: 19-6-15

  1. I also greatly enjoyed “Americanah”. I’m currently reading “Re Jane” by Patricia Park. Almost done with it. Not that impressed really. Then, I hope to start Judy Blume latest novel ” In the Unlikely Event”. Have a good weekend 🎉

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