Weekend Reading Review: 15-6-15

my weekend reading

Well for the first time in a number of weeks I had quite a productive weekend in terms of books. Admittedly this is because I was smothered with a cold and therefore spent some quality time with my couch, but hey every cloud has a sliver lining or in this case a book lining.

imageI have made good progress with Americanah. I would currently rate it as about a 4 star read.  It’s basically about a Nigerian girl who moved to the U.S. to attend college and ended up staying to work ( legally by the way). She is now moving back to Nigeria and is reflecting back on her life in Nigeria and the U.S. and what has happened to her in that time. It’s definitely enjoyable and the narrator is very likeable.

I also began to make amends for my very poor blogging of late completely two reviews, one of which – The Picture of Dorian Gray – I’ve posted. The other I will post later this week. I also completed a piece on WB Yeats who turned 150 this weekend. Be sure to doriancheck it out and share your favourite Yeats poem.

So all in all a productive weekend. How about you? What were you reading this weekend and would you recommend it? Leave a comment below.


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