Holiday Reading Update 

Well I’m half way through my holiday. Apart from the minor fact of getting slightly burnt, which with my lovely Irish complexion is basically a guarantee despite my best efforts, it’s been pretty enjoyable so far. Nice and relaxing which is exactly what I needed. 

I have actually managed to get a fair bit of reading done. I have finished To Kill a Mockingbird. The last time I read it I was 16 and while I remembered loving it and it was about race the rest was a bit of a blur. I enjoyed it just as much if not more this time and noticed a number of themes I don’t remember picking up on when I previously read it, particularly the role of women. (I should say I’m one of the few people who never studied it for school). With the sequel due out in July it’ll be interesting to see what has happened to the characters in the intervening years. 
I have also finally gotten around to The Cuckoos Calling. I brought it with me knowing that as crime fiction it would be perfect pool side reading. It started a bit slowly but now it has me hooked. 
So that is my holiday reading so far. I may get another book started, in fact I know I will. I have a 4 hr layover in London on my return. I hope you are all having productive reading weeks. Leave a comment below and tell me what your reading at the moment. 

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