The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

IMG_0217Irene is a librarian, but not just any librarian, she is a librarian of The Invisible Library. Her job is to visit alternative worlds and retrieve rare books. Sent to an alternative London with her new and mysterious apprentice Kai, to retrieve a rare and potentially dangerous book things quickly turn sinister. It seems everyone wants this book and some will go to extreme lengths to get it. 

I bought this on the spur of the moment during the Kindle sale. From the description it sounded similar to the Thursday Next series with elements if The Night Circus, both of which I loved. In need of a bit of escapism I picked it up last weekend.
It initially took me a while to get into. Intended as the beginning of a series and set in a world only loosely based on our own, there was a lot of information required in order to give the reader their bearings. The result is the first part of the book rather dragged and I was strongly leaning towards a 3 star rating. However once the action got going I really got into it. In fact I stayed up till the early hours just to finish it, a practice I try to avoid in the interest of not failing asleep at work.
It’s very much a plot driven rather than a character driven book. The characters are interesting but we’ve seen them before, though as a series I suspect they’ll grow on me. The plot once it got passed the world building stuff was fast paced and engrossing.
This is a book which really grew on me as I read and has continued to do so since I finished it. All week my mind has been wandering back wondering what next is in store for Irene and Kai. A promising sign for a series. I’m now looking forward to the next installment whenever that may be. Having found its feet by the end of the book this promises to be the next big book series.
4 star

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