Weekend Reading in Review: 30-3-2015

my weekend readingI’m not entirely sure how I would class this weekends reading. On the one hand it was productive, on the other I abandoned a book. 

51DGP1Z7BJLSo I ended up giving up on The Third Policeman. I just couldn’t get into it. I see no point struggling on with a book you aren’t enjoying because you’ll just end up hating it. Better to set it aside and try again later. I was talking to some people about it, and one of them described it as a Marmite book…you either love it or hate it, there’s no middle ground. I definitely agree with that assessment. I’ve also been told it’s one of those books that works better as an audiobook. Perhaps when I get round to trying it again, I’ll try the audiobook.

IMG_0105Having abandoned The Third Policeman I felt in need of an escapist easy read reboot, so I turned to my current escapist series of choice – the Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch. I’m up the book 4, Broken Homes. I’ll be writing a full review later. There was a major twist at the end which I wasn’t expecting and I’m still reeling over. It did its job anyway and got my reading mojo back.
imageYesterday having finished Broken Homes at about 3 am, I got back on the Reading Ireland Wagon and started Young Skins by Colin Barrett. It is a collection of short stories set in your typical small Irish town. Originally published by The Stinging Fly a small independent Irish press it has since been picked up by Vintage Books. It has also been cleaning up in the awards, winning the Guardian first book award, the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature and the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award. I’ve only read a couple of the stories so far but I’m really enjoying them. I suspect it won’t take me long to finish.
How was your reading weekend?

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