Weekend Reading Plans: 20-3-15

my weekend readingWell after a very strange week with what felt like two Mondays (courtesy of being of Tuesday, Wednesday also felt like a Monday) its the weekend.

This week I continued my Reading Ireland challenge with Fallen by Lia Mills (really enjoyed it. I’ll post a review this weekend) and The Devil I Know by Claire Kilroy.

I only managed to read the first 50 pages or so is The Devil I Know so my aim for this weekend will be to make some further progress. Who knows maybe I’ll even finish it depending on how things go. It comes highly recommended to me by two people who’s opinions on books I trust. From what I can gather it is the life story of Tristram St Lawerence, the fictional 13th Earl of Howth (which is a real and very affluent suburb of Dublin) recounted as he gives evidence before a tribunal on the Irish property and banking collapse.

I’ll admit I wasn’t feeling overly enthusiastic about picking this book up (despite the glowing recommendations) as I’m not a huge fan of books about the recession etc. I tend to take the view that I lived it, I’m still living with the effects why would I want to read about it. However so far I’m glad I ignored that urge as even at only 50 pages in it had sufficiently gripped my attention that I’m itching to get back to it.

So those are my reading plans. What are yours?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Reading Plans: 20-3-15

  1. Sounds interesting!
    I’m reading “My Life” by Lyn Hijinian for uni, which I’m not loving. Still slogging through other uni books. I’ve not been able to read much for pleasure, which is sad!


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