Weekend Reading Plans: 13-3-15

my weekend reading

It’s the weekend. More specifically its St Patrick’s weekend which means a long weekend…kind of (Tuesday March 17th is a holiday so I’ll be working Monday then off Tuesday). Either way it means plenty of time for reading.

An-Officer-and-a-SpyThis week I’ve been reading An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris. It’s a fictional account of the Dreyfus affair, one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in history which shook late 19th century France. I’m almost finished and would expect to finish this weekend. It’s a quick enough read and if I hadn’t been so busy this week is probably have finished by now (damn life getting in the way of reading :-P).

imageThen it’s back to my Reading Ireland challenge. Reading Ireland aka the Begorrathon as it’s also called is an event hosted by 746 Books and The Fluff is Raging over the month of March to highlight Irish books, movies, music and culture generally. This weekend is weekend everyone is Irish and I would urge you all to use it as an opportunity to explore Irish culture. There is more to Irish culture than Joyce, Yeats, U2 and Riverdance. For my part I’ll be picking up Country Girls by Edna O’Brien, one of Ireland’s great female writers. A coming of age tale, in that great Irish tradition of honoring our writers it was banned upon publication.

What will you be reading this weekend? Leave a comment below.


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