Weekend Reading Plans: 27-2-2015

Well hello weekend, tis well you’re looking. 😛

This week was the first week I didn’t have a book for a bookclub to read (once I’d finished Dracula), so I started The Mill on the Floss. I had read the first part of it in college for a course but not the rest (it wasn’t required and I had enough to be reading), so I decided as part of my classics challenge I should give George Elliot a shot and actually finish it. I didn’t get much read this week. I’m still only reading sections of the book I read in college. So far though I’m enjoying it. The aim for the weekend will be to make more progress and maybe make it to the half way point. By next week I’ll have a new bookclub book to read so I need to finish it soon.

Since my audiobook experiment with Dracula (I’ll post a review soon) worked quite well, I’ve decided to do a reread of Great Expectations in the same manner. I suspect  Dickens adapts quite well to audiobook since his books were published in serial and read out to everyone. They were like the soaps of their day. Anyway I’ll be aiming to start it this weekend too.

What are your reading plans for the weekend?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Reading Plans: 27-2-2015

  1. I love your idea of listening to audiobooks for Dickens. I’m participating the Classics Challenge, and I have to admit I’m having some trouble getting them read. My 14 year old niece is reading Great Expectations. If she can do it, well–I don’t have a choice. 🙂 Enjoy your reading weekend!

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