Weekend Reading Review: 23-2-15

How was your weekend reading? Mine was fairly productive.

river series

First off I finished Whispers Under Ground. Not much to say about it. It didn’t wow me but was consistent with what I’ve come to expect from Ben Aaronovitch based on Rivers of London and Moon Over Soho. I enjoyed it, and it did the job of giving my brain a chance to recover.

millI started The Mill on the Floss by George Elliot. I had previously read about the first 10 chapters as part of a module for college but that was a number of years ago. I haven’t got far, only about to the point where I had read to previously, however so far I’m enjoying it. I like her style, and can see her being added to my list of favourite classic authors.

draculaI have also been continuing to listen to Dracula. The narration still leaves a lot to be desired but I’m getting more into it. I actually expect to finish it today or tomorrow. It has certainly proven a convenient way to reread a book and made me consider the whole audiobook thing more. I’m considering listening to Great Expectations next, another bookclub read but which I read a few years ago and don’t have time to dedicate to a physical re-read.


One thought on “Weekend Reading Review: 23-2-15

  1. I’ve begun to use audiobooks for the same reason as they allow me to re-read using the time I spend walking the dog! And if I like the story I walk further so the dogs happy with it too….I think!


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