My Weekend Reading Plans: 20-2-15

my weekend readingGod its been a busy week. I’m so glad its the weekend. Its been a productive week though on numerous fronts, including in terms of reading. I managed to finish Rainey Royal and The International, both of which I can’t recommend highly enough. I’ve also made series headway with Dracula as I’ve been able to listen to it in work (the attempts at the accents are still making me laugh. Dracula sounds like the Count from Sesame Street).

river seriesI had intended on starting The Mill on the Floss as part of my classics challenge once I’d finished The International, but after a number of books with heavy themes and a busy week in work working extra hours, my brain just isn’t able for it. I decided a bit of escapism was called for so I’ve started Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch (number 3 in the Peter Grant series). This series are a great easy read, pure escapism. I received the first in the series, Rivers of London, for Christmas and since then have also read the second, Moon Over Soho. I’m hooked. I fully expect to finish Whispers Under Ground over the weekend. Maybe by then by brain will be able for The Mill on the Floss. If not I’m not sure what will be up next. I’m sure I’ll find something. The TBR mountain continues to grow!

One thought on “My Weekend Reading Plans: 20-2-15

  1. The Rivers of London series looks beautiful – and sounds blimmin’ intriguing! Definitely going to have to check the books out. đŸ™‚


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