My Weekend Reading Plans: 30/01/2015

my weekend reading

Woohoo it’s nearly the weekend and that means more reading time.

I had fully intended that by this weekend I’d be nearly finished Bleak House, as I’ve a queue of books waiting to be read for bookclubs. Ah the best laid plans. However then I got sick, an inevitable hazard of spending as much time as I do on the germ infested cesspool that is public transport at this time of year. Anyway Dickens was a bit beyond my mental capacity this week and had to be put on the back burner. Instead I picked up Moon Over Soho, the sequel Rivers of London which I read over Christmas. I’ll post a review shortly but suffice to say it was excellent, well written, easy escapism i.e perfect for reading when your sick. My aim for this weekend then is what I should have done this week….finish Bleak House.

How about you?

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