My Weekend Reading Review: 26/1/2015

my weekend reading Last week I started a new weekly post. Every Friday I post on my weekend reading plans, and on Monday I post about what I read over the weekend. This weekend my aim was to read more of Bleak House by Charles Dickens. I’ve been really enjoying it but its quite the door-stopper at approximately 800 pages |so its slow going. I’ve taken a thorough disliking to all the legal characters, both lawyers and clerks, in the book. They are all conniving and devious, which is of course Dickens point. I’ve reached the reveal, or what I think is the big reveal, there may be more come. I saw it coming. I knew what it would be but that did not lessen my enjoyment of it. I expect to finish it this week, just in time for my various bookclub reads to kick off again. How was your weekend? Productive? Finish anything interesting?


One thought on “My Weekend Reading Review: 26/1/2015

  1. That’s so great that you’re reading Bleak House! One of my rather vague goals for the year is to read something by Dickens. A Tale of Two Cities has always been one of my favorite books, but I’ve never read anything else by him and that feels wrong. 🙂


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