My Weekend Reading Plans

my weekend reading

I don’t know about you but I tend to get most of my reading done at the weekend. I get a bit of reading done during the week usually during that otherwise hellish experience that is commuting via public transport, assuming I can get a seat, and I’m not totally wrecked. At the weekend though is when I can curl up in comfort, relax, make a cup of tea and get some serious reading done. So I figured why not start a weekly post setting on what I hope to read this weekend. It will be followed up on Monday with a post on how I got on.

I’m currently reading two books, Bleak House by Charles Dickens (which I’m enjoying) and Us by David Nicholls (not enjoying quite as much). My main aim is to make some progress on Us, as I need to finish it for my bookclub next Thursday. If I can make it to around the 50 – 75% mark by the end of the weekend I’ll be happy. In between I’ll be rewarding myself with Bleak House.

What are your reading plans for the weekend? Why not write a post and add a link using the linky widget below or post a comment.


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