Why I Joined a Bookclub?

I love books. I’ve always loved books. As a kid I could usually be found curled up quietly somewhere with a book even if world war 3 was breaking out around me. However at the start of this year I realised I hadn’t really read that much, in any meaningful way for a number of years. The reasons were many. I had been doing English degree where I was expected to read 6 or more novels, a similar number of plays, a large collection of poetry plus background reading every 12 weeks. This had been followed up with a masters where frankly having time to eat and sleep were difficult at times. Then life just got in the way and I’d fallen out of the habit of reading. I decided I was going to get back into reading. I decided joining a book club would be good way to get back into it. I’d be encouraged to read and I would be able to discuss the books with other people, which was one of the elements I had always enjoyed in college.

I joined two. One on the book review social media site Goodreads for Irish people or those with an interest in Ireland, and one run by a local independant bookshop in the city. It is one of the best and most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. Since joining I’ve averaged a book a week, many of which have been recommended to me by other book club members. I’ve also read a number of books I never would have even considered reading, broadening my horizons. Some have become my favourite books of the year. I have also met some wonderful people. I am now a moderator of the online group.

Joining a bookclub is definitely something I would recommend to anyone. If you can’t find one in your area which suits you or you aren’t sure you’ll have the time each, try online. In my online group discussion threads remain open permenantly so it doesn’t matter when people read the book, they can always join in the discussion.

Are you in a bookclub? Is it a general bookclub or does it have a specific area of interest?

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